UFO Shot Down🔫 in Rajasthan😳

  |   India News

Indian Air Force used it's fighter jets✈ to bring down an Unidentified Flying Object(UFO)😱 near the Pakistan border in Barmer area in Rajasthan. Air Force✈ said that its radars picked up a balloon shaped object😯 between 10:30 & 11:00 AM🕐 today. A Sukhoi-30 fighter✈ was then sent to make an aerial intercept using its main gun🔫 but sources have not confirmed whether the object was just a meteorological balloon🎈 or a recon device. A team of Air Force officers👔 travelled to Gudgi, a village near Barmer where some houses🏠 were damaged by 'material' dropped by the fighter planes but the officials said🔈 that it might have been because of a sonic boom caused by the fighter jets✈.

Photo Credits: iansphoto.in

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