What's Going Through ⭐️CR7's Mind❓

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There have been 5⃣ instances of violent😡 conduct in the space of just 3⃣ months from CR7⭐ and this has sparked a debate on what has gotten him⭐ so worked up😡. Whatever the case may be, the following flashpoints⏪ indicate that the Portugal🇵🇹 captain is not fully in control😤 on the pitch right now:

🔸Kick on David Simón - vs Las Palmas

🔸Punch thrown at Grzegorz Krychowiak's back - vs Sevilla

🔸Tangle with Dani Alves - vs Barca

🔸Kick on Nacho Cases off the ball - vs Sporting Gijon

🔸Kick on Francisco Molinero off the ball - vs Betisj

Photo Credit: Twitter/@RealMadrid

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