Akwasi Aboagye to Report Shatta🎤 to Police🚔

  |   Ghana News

Entertainment Review host📻, Akwasi Aboagye, is expected to make a formal complaint🚔 against self-acclaimed dance hall king Shatta Wale🎤. The 'Kakai' hitmaker publicly threatened😡 the presenter on radio during an interview📻. Remarks💭 that initially started out as a joke😝 turned out to be ‘serious business’ for the dance hall artist. He vented his anger😡 on the 'Darling boy' for suggesting that he should be overlooked👎🏻 for nominations this year by the Board of the Ghana Music Awards🎼 due to his inconsistency. “I love him because he’s one of the few that has excelled in terms of showbiz🎤, but on principle he’s not consistent👎🏻”. Well Shatta did not like the presenter's opinion and seized the opportunity to vent his anger on him when he was called📞 in on an entirely different subject. “When have I said I needed an award? You always talk negatively👎🏻 about me on radio? I have my eyes👀 on you” Shatta Wale fumed😡. The presenter did not take lightly to Shatta's😡 comments and stated on radio📻 that he will make a formal police🚔 report against him for fear of his life😥.

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