Apple🍎Sales Down😓, Lowest Since 2013

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Apple🍎 has warned its investors that their stocks would slow🚶, and here’s proof. Apple's has reported its lowest🔻 revenue growth since the 2013 June quarter. Apple Inc. missed its revenue expectations in the fourth quarter and is warning⚠ that it could post the first drop in revenue since the 2009 recession📉 in the current quarter.Despite warnings Apple🍎 ended the quarter with 💲215.7 bn in cash and investments, but it’s uncertain how long this will continue with their smart📱 sales growth expected to stagnate. Apple🍎 has also changed roles of senior executives & reshuffled its 🇮🇳business as heavy discounting during the Oct-Dec quarter in 🇮🇳took a toll on its margins.
🖼Img credit: Twitter @tim_cook

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