FT Review⚽: Man City🔹3⃣-1⃣ Everton

  |   Football / La Liga / FA Cup / EPL / ISL / UEFA

This match is a clear👌🏻 evidence of a good team👍🏻 and a great team🙌🏻. With the tempo of the game changing🔄, Everton continued to stick with their original game plan but that proved to be their undoing😔. With the likes of Kevin⚡ and Sterling⚡ on the flanks and with the ever silky David Silva⭐ orchestrating play, Everton stood no chance😁. The Toffees kept containing the pressure😰 but it exploded in their faces and City🔹 put 2⃣ goals⚽ pass them to book their place in the final🏆 against Liverpool🔴. This is the 2⃣nd time City🔹 have qualified having gone down by a 1⃣ goal deficit in the 1⃣st leg. This result will make for an exciting😍 and heated👊🏻 final.

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