God🙏 Endorses Pleasure Cruise🚢

Legendary✨ batsman Sachin Tendulkar has been named the brand ambassador⭐ of a newly launched pleasure cruise🚢 - Monarch Cruise. Former Australian cricketers Brett Lee, Shane Warne & Bollywood actress💃 Neha Dhupia will also endorse the cruise. The cruise aims to provide it's customers an opportunity to mix with top ex-cricketers and bollywood personalities👏. The cruise journey😍, starting in March, will include trips to destinations in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, apart from India🌏. At the launch of the ticket sales💵, Sachin said🔈 that Brett Lee persuaded him to join the venture and confirmed he will spend a night on the ship🚢 when it is in Mumbai - "Brett Lee is going to bowl in the nets and Shane Warne may also roll his arm over and I will spend an evening as well"👌.

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Original Image: IANS