🔥How Close Are We to Doomsday🔥❓

  |   Ghana News / Tech News

On Tuesday, members of the Bulletin of the Atomic☢ Scientists announced that they are keeping the world's “Doomsday💥 Clock⏰” at 3 minutes to "midnight" — a metaphor for the end of the world🌍 as we know it. The clock has been set at 11:57PM since Jan 2015, when it was moved down from 5⃣ minutes to destruction. Why❔ Besides the fact that current state of global warming🔥🌍🔥, tensions between the US🇺🇸 and Russia🇷🇺 are fairly similar to what they were during the Cold War. The bulletin is also concerned that the two are unlikely to discuss any future arms control measures. North Korea too has allegedly tested a nuke☢ recently and many other countries are increasing their nuclear arsenal🚀. The Bulletin says that the best way to move the clock back is to dramatically reduce spending on nuclear programs & begin nuclear disarmament🚫☢.

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🖼Img credit: Flickr Al Gadget