Kohli's PAK Fan😳 Hoists 🇮🇳 Flag, Arrested‼

A Pakistani fan of star⭐ batsman Virat Kohli has been arrested after he hoisted the 🇮🇳 tri-colour on the roof of his home yesterday😱. Umar Draz, in Pakistan's Punjab province was arrested by the police👮 after a complaint was made, who recovered an 🇮🇳 flag from his rooftop and he was subsequently remanded into police👮 custody. Draz told reporters✍ that he had hoisted the 🇮🇳 flag only because of his love❤ for Virat Kohli. He apologized✋ for the act & urged authorities to pardon him🙏 as he was not a spy but just a fan. Police said🔈 that they found numerous posters of Kohli pasted on the walls of Draz's bedroom😅.

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Original Image: IANS