Nude Statues: Shame Shame😳 Italy ❗

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Italy made a controversial😱 decision to cover up provocative nude statues😉 in Rome's world famous Capitoline Museums🏛 as it was the venue for a meeting👥 between Iran's President Hassan Rouhani & Italian PM Matteo Renzi. The museum's🏛 naked statues, including a centuries-old Venus, had been covered up in white panels which evoked sharp criticism😠 in the country. Italian media📺 reports said that the statues were covered as a sign of respect for the Iranian culture & sensitivity. Many infuriated😡 Italians took to social media to lambast the Govt for betraying the country's culture and art for economic interests💵, posting images of nude sculptures using #statuenude.

Looks like even statues need a morality code these days😅.

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Original Image: IANS