Ranveer Calm Down ❓

  |   Deepika Padukone / Bollywood

Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh is an overly affectionate person 😍. He has no ❌ qualms about displaying his affections 😘 for his friends and loved ones ❤️. One can only imagine how difficult 😓 it must be for Ranveer to keep his habitual exuberance in check 😏, with respect to his feelings 😍 for Deepika. Apparently at a recent award 🏆 function, Ranveer kept throwing affectionate 👀 glances at Deepika while performing on stage. Word is that Deepika did not quite appreciate 😐 this gesture and after the incident Ranveer clammed up completely on all matters related to her 🙈.

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Photo Credit-IANS