Sex Tech👓: A Threat to Prostitution💋❓

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In 1948 about 69% of men reported to having at least one experience with a prostitute💋, by 1990 that number fell📉 to 15%, any guesses as to why? Yep, you’re right – internet pornography👙, and now that “Virtual Reality” (VR)😎 is getting more “real”, internet pornography📹 and even prostitution will become a thing of the past, and virtual porn (they might even start calling it “vorn”) is certainly going to be the future. Very soon we may even be seeing VR😎 go beyond just an audio-visual experience; it might actually get “physical”. With new sensor technology measuring your heartbeat❤ and brainwaves〰, technologists may actually be able to use that information to give you the mathematically perfect orgasm👀. Not only that, body suits may soon be developed, which when worn electrically pressure certain areas *ahem to create a stimulation to go with your VR😎 experience, making it even more real😮.

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🖼Img credit: Flickr, Vanity Mirror