Survey📝: BJP Govt 👎, Modi 👍 ‼

  |   India News

As per the results of an opinion poll📊 released yesterday, 46% of the people who participated rated the current BJP Govt as 'good' or 'very good'✅ but PM Narendra Modi received a higher percentage of 'good / very good' vote - 54%👏. It also shows that were the Lok Sabha polls📊 held now, NDA would get 301 seats against the 338 it got in 2014😳 while Congress led UPA is likely to obtain 108 seats compared to 62 it has now. Interestingly, 47% think Modi's popularity is decreasing⬇ while 45% think otherwise⬆.

Are the 'achche din' coming to an end or are they ahead of us❓

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Original Image: IANS