The Film Industry is ❌ Wealthy says Akshay 😶

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Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar’s film 🎥 “Airlift” has been doing well 💥 at the box office and has got real good 👌 reviews for it. So for the movie has collected :Rupee:44 crore at the box office. Akshay said that it is a big misconception😕 that the film industry is very profitable and wealthy 💰, it needs several hits to avoid its current losses 😶. He also said that the industry is not a “sone ki chidiya” 💰🐣 and at the moment the industry is going through a loss 👎. The actor said that he would like to thank everyone for appreciating this film because such films are not very commercial and so they don’t tend to do very well at the box office.👍

Photo Credit- IANS

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