Uber Calms Drunks🍷 With Toys

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Taking a stand against drunk🍺 passengers assaulting👊 and harassing its drivers, Uber🔲 has been conducting experiments in Charlotte, USA🇺🇸, where drivers leave a “Bop It” toy🎎 in the backseat to pacify passengers👶🏻 from doing anything harmful or stupid. The Bop It has buttons, cranks🔧 and knobs🎛 and lets riders play a noisy Simon Says–like game. Stories about drunk 🍺passengers assaulting👊 Uber drivers have gone viral in recent months. In Nov, a man was caught on a dashboard camera grabbing the driver by his hair and slamming his head against the window😮. Check out the Bop It here📹: https://goo.gl/OvrSwN
🖼Img credit: Wikipedia

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