🇬🇧Censor Board Watches 🔟 Hour Film On Paint Drying

  |   Hollywood / India News

A man by the name of Charlie Lyne is well, gutsy 😶. He is made the UK 🇬🇧censor board watch a 🔟 hour video 📹 that show paint drying 🎨. The BBFC watched Lyne's film 🎥 over Monday and Tuesday. Yikes 👀. They probably napped 😴 their way through it. The BBFC confirmed that it has given the film a U certification with a note saying that the film's description 'may contain spoilers' 😏. The note also said 🔊, "Paint Drying is a film showing paint drying on a wall. It contains no material likely to offend or harm".

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Image source: Twitter @charlielyne