United♦Buzz: Schweini Replaced😳, Giggs to Quit❓

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⚽ According to reports📝, United board fear:fear: that legendary winger & Asst manager👔 Ryan Giggs will quit❌ the club if he is not selected as the next Manchester United♦ manager. With the club going through a difficult period😟, the board wants to appoint some one with pedigree like Mourinho or Guardiola to take over the club if & when van Gaal leaves😯. Giggs though is not prepared to serve another term as an apprentice👎.

⚽ Bastian Schweinsteiger joined the club only this summer and his value to the team has been immeasurable👌. United♦ have struggled whenever they have been without the services of the influential German😳 which was showcased during his 3⃣ match suspension🚫 in December. German papers📰 now claim, United want Ilkay Gundogan to replace Schweini as they are not convinced with his injury record😅. Pretty tall claim, you'd think.

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Original Image: Twitter/@BSchweinsteiger