WhatsApp💬 Goes Down Globally🌍

  |   India News

On Tuesday at around 2:15pm GMT/7:45pm IST, to the horror😱 of thousands of users👥, the internet messaging app, WhatsApp💬, was down. Addicted users had no choice but to resort to a primitive form of communication known only as ‘SMS’📩 – a service that’s now been nearly forgotten – while some others flocked to Telegram🔵 as an alternative. Adolescents threw tantrums😫 in their homes and on social media, since parts of the US🇺🇸 were too cold to hold a protest outside. Users protested online on various sites against the messaging service (which happens to be 🆓) that they were being denied their right to send messages. It seems Americans were the most affected by the shutdown, on account of the heightened WhatsApp💬 substance abuse😷 in the region. There were even some reports that the 💥Apocalypse💥 had begun. Let’s have a moment of silence🔇 for those messages that did not survive the shutdown😂
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