Wikipedia🌐 Editors Revolt✊

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After Arnnon Geshuri, a former human Resource(HR) manager👔 at G👀gle, was appointed to the board of Wikimedia Foundation earlier this month, around 200 Wikipedia editors📝 have backed a no confidence motion in him👎. Their decision stems from concern;fearful: over Mr.Geshuri's links to an alleged 'no poaching scandal'😳. Mr Geshuri, who now works for Tesla Motors, had been involved in enforcing a deal✍ struck between Apple🍎 and G👀gle not to poach each other's staff but was later accused of conspiring to poach an Apple employee😯. The case reached a settlement and was not heard in court🏤. The Wikipedia editors have not taken kindly;angry: to his appointment and have urged the founder Jimmy Wales and the trustees to remove❌ Mr.Geshuri.

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