Women Demand ‘Right to Pray🙏’

  |   India News

About 1000 ‘Bhumata Ranragini Brigade’ women🙅🏻 protesters began to march to the shrine🏯 at Shani Shingnapur in Ahmadnagar in Maharashtra, which is traditionally open only to men, but were stopped❌ by Police👮🏻 70Km from their destination. They want to put an end to the "humiliating" practice of barring🚫 women from the main shrine, but about 600 police👮🏻 were deployed in the area to stop them. The protest✊ is gathering momentum across social media platforms. Trupti Desai, the president of the group said, “We are determined😤 to end the distasteful practice on 🇮🇳Republic Day.” However temple priests🙏 and nearby residents opposed❌ the move, and had said they would prevent the women from entering by forming a human chain around the temple🏯. The protesters✊ said they will not move until they are allowed to continue to the temple.
🖼Img credit: wikimapia.org

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