🇮🇳: #76 on Corruption👺 Index

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Global watchdog Transparency International (TI) released their Corruption Performance Index (CPI)👺 for 2015, which shows 🇮🇳 moving up the 76th rank (out of 168), gaining 9⃣ places over the previous year, giving it a score of 38 out of 💯. The CPIis based on how corrupt a country’s public sector is perceived to be. 🇮🇳's rank was 85 and 94 in 2014 and 2013 respectively. Denmark was ranked the least corrupt for the 3rd year, while Finland, Sweden, NZ & the Netherlands made up the rest of the top 5⃣. 🇮🇳 has scored 38 on the scale but moved up in rank as others haven’t performed well. All the BRICS countries -- Brazil, Russia, 🇮🇳, China🇨🇳 and South Africa -- have scored less than 50 on the CPI📊, with Brazil having the least.

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Original Photo Credit- Flickr-Surian Soosay