Amazon Wants To Dabble🔧 With Android

  |   Tech News

A recent report states that Amazon wants its partners’ phones📱 to resemble Amazon’s line of Kindle Fire🔥 tablets which it builds, such that Amazon services are deeply integrated in the handsets📱 and encourage people to become a member👤 of Amazon Prime. After Amazon’s Fire🔥 Phone tumbled and crashed, a bunch of people had gotten fired😡 from Amazon’s hardware development centre, and took heavy losses. Their new plan sound a lot like the old, but someone else will be handling hardware this time. Amazon hopes for "deeper integration" that would allow it to "gain a bigger backdoor to G👀gle’s Android." The report doesn't explain what the "deeper integration" is. But they face a problem as G👀gle has legally blocked🚫 companies under contract for Google Play▶ from building Android devices that don't ship with Google Play▶. Let’s see Amazon get themselves out of this one.

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Original Photo Credit- Amazon Logo