Caste System Has Affected 🇮🇳's DNA

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Over centuries of having same caste marriage👫, a distinct genetic trait is visible in modern Indians whose ancestors upheld the system. 367 Indians from around the nation had their genomes〰 compared. Previous studies suggested that today’s Indians come from 2⃣ distinct “haplotypes”👥 (bundles of genetic elements that travel through generations), but the new study revealed 4⃣ haplotypes👥 indicating 4⃣ separate ancestral groups, along with a 5⃣th haplotype👤 from the Andaman area. India’s ancient populations came from Africa when compared with those from around the 🌍. Later settlements came in from South Central and East Asia, which are genetically distinct groups but there was a good deal of intermarriage later. But over 1,500 years ago, when the Gupta emperors👑 ruled large parts of India and made inter-caste marriage a taboo, an abrupt shift in the merger of the haplotypes👥 was noticed proving that casteism has affected people even in their DNA〰.

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Original Photo Credit- Flickr/Micah Baldwin