⚽ Game💻: More Scouts👀 Than a Club😳

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One of the most popular football⚽ games💻 - Sports interactive's Football Manager👔 - is so serious in developing the game as close to reality as they can manage that they employ over 1200 scouts 👀 across the world🌏 to spot talent to incorporate them into their game👌. Apparently, even Lionel Messi⭐ was identified as a world beater by the game during his initial years 👏. Former Premier League manager👔 Alex McLeish's son who plays the game had asked his father to sign✍ a 15 year old Messi from Barcelona, saying he goes on to become the best in the game ✌. Though McLeish didn't listen to him, history has proven him right. No club, no association, no analytics firm, not even FIFA has amassed a cache of player details like the one compiled over 20 years by Sports Interactive😳.
Their database📊 has details of 650,952 people. Precisely 325,429 are currently active as players, managers, coaches or support staff at various clubs👍.
Mindblowing ❗

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