👮🏽If You Roll, We Will Weed You Out❗️

  |   India News

Mumbaikers have a savvy, police force that's cracking down on 💉drugs. It's not what you're thinking, Mumbai Police's 👮🏽tool of choice is not pre-dawn raids, reconnaissance and searches....their secret weapon is 🐦twitter❗️Mumbai Police have kept things light-hearted, and have caught the public's attention with messages sent to their burgeoning twitter followers such as: "Don’t let ‘hash’ give you a ‘tag’ #HoshMeinAao", "Hi! Have you ‘meth’ us? #HoshMeinAao" and the viral "If you roll, we will weed you out. #HoshMeinAao". The people of Mumbai seem to be enjoying this interaction and are following Mumbai Police closely, even taking the opportunity to engage with the Commissioner of Police, Mumbai via twitter chat.

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Image Credit: Twitter/@MumbaiPolice