Justin & Kourt Back On❓

  |   Hollywood

The status of Justin Bieber's love ❤️ life is constantly changing. The singer 🎤 who was with Hailey Baldwin a while ago has now parted 💔 ways with her and he has reached out back to Kourtney Kardashian 😶 to pick off where they left off. Word is that they have not ❌ been hooking up, but they have been speaking 📱and texting. They just get each other and have a similar sense of humour 😏. We hear that the duo are not planing on hooking up but they just want to concentrate on being good friends 👫. Currently Justin is not looking to be tied down to any 1⃣ woman 👭. He feels like he doesn't have the time to nurture a healthy relationship.

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Photo credit- Instagram @kourtneykardashian