Online💻 ISIS💀 Training in 🇮🇳 ‼

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Maharashtra's Anti-Terrorism Squad(ATS) investigations🔍 have confirmed that Indian recruits to ISIS💀 were given online💻 training to make bombs💣 by ISIS's foreign handlers. A senior official from ATS has confirmed that their modus operandi was to target🎯 one or two people from an area, bind them into a small cell and train them online💻. The source confirms that physical arms🔫 training was not imparted. The 20 year old arrested from UP on Friday, Khalid, is believed to be the second-in-command of ISIS's💀 🇮🇳 wing😱. He was in touch with top ISIS handlers apparently😳 and has also traveled all over 🇮🇳 to spread ISIS propaganda💀. ATS believes that ISIS modules busted in Maharashtra recently were planning to strike💥 Mumbai and Delhi😱.

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Original Image Credit: By Islamic State (IS) - (via Wikipedia)