Smith Hits👊 Back at 'Emotional' Kohli ❗

After all the controversy😳 over Steven Smith's dismissal in Adelaide in the first T20 between :flag_in & Australia, Steven Smith has responded😤 to Kohli's send off to him and the controversy over live TV📺 chat before he was dismissed. A fired up😠 Virat had made a gesture indicating Smith was talking too much as he was walking back😯. Smith has now reacted to the send off from Virat - "I don't think you need to do that kind of thing when someone gets out✋". He further said🔈 that Kohli gets too emotional😳 on the field and crosses the limit at times👎. Smith also said the live chat with the TV📺 commentators was not to blame for his dismissal and that it was an error in judgement on his part.

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Original Photo Credit: Twitter/@CricketAus