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Survey📝: BJP Govt 👎, Modi 👍 ‼

As per the results of an opinion poll📊 released yesterday, 46% of the people who participated rated the current BJP Govt as 'good' or 'very good'✅ but PM Narendra Modi received a higher percentage of 'good / very good' vote - 54%👏. It also shows that were the Lok Sabha polls📊 held …

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PM Modi✌ Wants Action Against Non Performers

On Wednesday, due to people’s complaints⚠ against officials in the customs and excise department it, PM Modi✌ asked for strong action against them. PM Modi✌ was chairing his 9th interaction through Pragati✊, to address grievances and monitor👀 key programmes and projects. For departments which deal with the people, he …

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