2016 Ford Mustang😳 Unveiled in 🇮🇳

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On Thursday, Ford officials unveiled the iconic muscle💪 car, the Ford Mustang, in 🇮🇳, but have remained silent about pricing💰 and promised that it would be available from 2016's second quarter. The Mustang is equipped with SYNC connectivity, allowing the driver to control the car’s entertainment🎵 using voice commands. It’s also got climate control, 8” screens, power folding mirrors, navigation📡 and more. Ford executive, Anurag Mehrotra, says, “Traditional definitions of customer segments are blurring, It is not about age but about passion💜. And the Mustang will bring that passion out as much in a 25-year-old👦🏽 as a 55-year-old.👨🏽" The car, offers ‘Selectable Drive Modes’ (SDM) which switch between normal, snow/wet, sport and track modes. It also has new front and rear suspension systems. Originally launched in 1964, the 2016 Mustang😎 now has a cleaner design, a lower and wider stance with a reduced roof height, and wider rear fenders.

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Original Photo Credit: Flickr/Jeremy