Neymar-Madrid Rumours💬:CR7⭐ Pissed😠

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CR7⭐ is unhappy😠 again, and this time, it's not about how much he's worth💰. It's been speculated💬 that the Real Madrid star is unhappy😠 with Real Madrid's interest😍 in Neymar⚡. Rumour💬 has it that CR7⭐ is frustrated with Florentino Perez's👔 attempt to bring in his replacement behind his back. This alongside his dip⬇ in form and Bale's⭐ leaked transfer cost💰 has annoyed😡 him and is prompting him to reconsider his future at the club. On the other hand, Perez👔 is also unhappy😠 with Ronaldo's⭐ indecision over his long-term future at Madrid. However, as a pricing💰 strategy, he publicly backs👍🏻 the forward so that his value💰 does not decrease.

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Original Photo Credit: Twitter/@Cristiano