G👀gle Beats Unbeatable Game Using AI📹: https://goo.gl/YYdYpC

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On Wednesday, G👀gle made an announcement regarding their DeepMind Artificial Intelligence💡 (AI) wonder tech – they had just defeated👊 a three-time European ‘Go’ champion, a historical milestone for AI. The game of ‘Go’🎲 was developed millennia ago in China🇨🇳; it’s a complex board game and considered to be the quintessential unsolved problem for machine intelligence💡, arguably even more than Chess. By doing so, G👀gle has taken a step ahead in the AI race against other tech giants like Facebook which is also working on beating Go. Mark Zuckerberg posted about the game, and said that while their AI scientists👓 haven’t been able to beat it, they’re “getting close.” DeepMind chief Demis Hassabis said, “Ultimately, we want to apply these techniques to important real-world🌍 problems.” In the short term, this would mean making smart📱 assistants smarter, more accurate medical👷 diagnoses and climate⛈ modelling. In the long term… Skynet😎? Watch it here📹: https://goo.gl/YYdYpC

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Original Photo Credit: Flickr/CHRISTOPHER DOMBRES