Joyce Aryee takes on😠 Woyome❗

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Dr. Joyce Aryee stood up to Alfred Woyome💰 for dictating the terms of refunding the GHS51.2 million💰 judgment debt wrongly👎🏻 paid to him. She was disgusted😠 by the effrontery of the businessman for deciding when and how he wants to pay the refund💰. "He’s told to return the money💰 and he determines when he wants to bring it. You know, it is unconscionable😏.” Mr Woyome💰 gave his word that, he will pay the money💰 in full at the end of 2015. However, Prez Mahama👔 told the media during his 'meet the press' section that the process of retrieving the money💰 is being frustrated😁 by civil suits and democratic procedures. In reference to that development Dr. Aryee failed👎🏻 to accept the excuse the Prez👔 gave. She suggested that the money💰 rather be paid to the courts and if after due process he is still deemed worthy of it😒, then he takes it back.

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Original Photo Credit: Wikipedia: "Dr Joyce Aryee" by Geewllmss - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Commons