Kohli🔈: Smith Send-off to Protect Pandya 😯

Virat Kohli has lifted the lid on why he gave a send-off👋 to Steven Smith after the first T20 in Adelaide. It was widely believed that it was in response to Smith's live TV📺 chat with the commentators prior to his dismissal but Kohli has come out and said🔈 that he was not aware of the live chat at all😳. He says he had a go😠 at Smith because the Australian batsman had had a go at young Hardik Pandya in the previous over😏. Pandya, who had a horrifying debut over was targetted🎯 by Smith who exchanged words with him. Kohli says that sparked💥 a protective instinct in him and led to the send-off he gave to the Aussie when he was dismissed😅.

Well, what do you know❓ Big brother Virat👏.

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Original Image Credit: Twitter/@CricketAus