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✌Modi-Hollande’s ⛴ 'Titanic' Hug:

An image just popped up on social media of PM Modi✌ and 🇫🇷Prez Hollande which appears to depict them in a “Titanic⛴ embrace” and went viral during his recent visit as chief guest for the 🇮🇳Republic Day celebrations. However an image can be misleading. While Modi✌ and Hollande🇫🇷 were at …

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Modi✌ Praises Ambedkar📜 & NCC

On Thursday, PM Modi✌ said that Dr. Babasaheb📜 Ambedkar’s role in nation-building was worthy of praise. Modi✌ said that despite facing adversity his entire life, he was able to strive through it all and produce the “nectar of the Constitution📜, which helps us walk shoulder-to-shoulder👯, even after so many …

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