🇺🇸 to 'Abandon' 🇬🇭 If Gitmo 2⃣ Escape

  |   Ghana News

4⃣ United States🇺🇸 Senators have petitioned the Senate Appropriations Committee to sanction❗Ghana🇬🇭 if they fail to keep the Gitmo 2⃣ from escaping to “re-engage in terrorism💣 against the United States🇺🇸”. These 4⃣ Senators have asked that financial💰 aids be cut✂ off to Ghana🇬🇭 should the 2⃣ ex detainees💣 slip through our hands. They have valued each detainee at $10m💰 cut✂ if either of them escapes and/or re-engages in terrorism💣 while in Ghana’s🇬🇭 custody. They believe that the condition will prompt Ghana🇬🇭 to beef up👍🏻 the security around the 2⃣. The letter📄 laid down concerns about the ability of Ghana🇬🇭 to keep tabs on these 2⃣ and deemed it as a reckless😳 move. "30% of the terrorists💣 released are known or suspected to have re-joined the fight💣 against Americans🇺🇸,"

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Original Photo Credit: Twitter/@JDMahama