Ranveer's mom hate's his death! 😳

  |   Bollywood

Ranveer Singh recently took his mom to 👀watch 'Bajirao Mastani', which he was quite hesitant about. The star said that he has to think twice about it as his mother hates to see him die on screen😔. Ranveer has been seen dying in most of his climax scenes, like🎥 'Lootera', 'Gunday' and now most recently 'Bajirao Mastani', this is something his mom dislikes the most. Post watching 'Bajirao Mastani', the actor's mom held onto him and hugged him ❤for more than half an hour, he shares that his mother wants to see a movie with Deepika along with him where he doesn't die. He wishes the same too and we hope this happens soon🙌!

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