The true winner to the "Dilwale" and "Bjirao Mastani" clash 👊

  |   Bollywood

One of December's biggest clashes 👊 was between 🎥 "Dilwale" and 🎥 "Bajirao Mastani". SRK's "Dilwale" opened up with a bang 💥 by collecting ₹21 core 💰 on its opening day as compared to "Bajirao Mastani" which collected only ₹12.80 core. However Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone's 👫 movie has been slowly but steadily climbing up ⬆ the box office ladder to now be almost neck to neck with "Dilwale" earnings. Currently Rohit Shetty's "Dilwale" is at 💰 ₹127.38 crore and SLB's "Bajirao Mastani" is at ₹126.05 crore. However trade analysts say that Bajirao will over take "Dilwale" soon to emerge as the real winner 🙌. Looks like the masses have chosen content over mass popularity. ✌️

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