3⃣ Indian ISIS▪ Supporters Deported

  |   India News

On Friday, 3⃣ Indians have been deported from a Gulf country for their alleged involvement in online ISIS▪ propaganda. They have been summoned by the National Investigation Agency🔎 (NIA) for questioning. Sheikh Azhar Al Islam Abdul Sattar Sheikh, Mohd Farhan Mohammed Rafiq Shaikh and Adnan Hussain Mohd were believed to be involved in a conspiracy to “identify, motivate👏, radicalise, recruit and train Indian citizens located both in 🇮🇳and other countries.” As per intelligence agencies, 23 Indians have joined ISIS▪ so far, 6⃣ of whom are dead🔫 in the war-zone. About 150 Indians are under surveillance for links with ISIS▪.

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Original Photo Credit: Wikipedia/"Jihadi John" by Source (WP:NFCC#4)