🎥 "Airlift" Irks 🇮🇳 Government ❗

  |   India News / Bollywood

Akshay Kumar's movie 🎥 "Airlift" has come under fire 🔥 from the Indian 🇮🇳 government who are not happy 😒 with the way the movie has portrayed the country's diplomats being selfish and without sympathy 😶. This movie revolves around the evacuation of more that 170,000 Indians from Kuwait in 1990 due to the Iraqi invasion 💥 that sparked the first Gulf war. The film shows the Indian diplomats leaving ✈ Kuwait soon after the invasion and the 🇮🇳 government being apathetic to the desperate pleas 🙏 of the Indian workers stuck there. A spokesperson 🔊 for the foreign ministry said that the film is a great entertainer but it is short on facts. He also added that the film has taken a lot of artistic liberties and that this operation was a joint effort of the diplomats, bureaucrats, Air India pilots and active citizens in that region 😐.

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Original Photo Credit- Movie Poster