All 3⃣ Khans in Karan Johar's Film 🌈 ❓

  |   Bollywood / Salman Khan / Aamir Khan / Shahrukh Khan

Rumour has it that Karan Johar is planning on breaking 💥 stereotypes associated with homosexuality 🌈 and he wants to do it by roping in the 3⃣ Khans. WOAH. The director 🎬 who has in the past spoken about the challenges 😶 he faced in his childhood for being effeminate has recently said that Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan will be happy to play homosexuals on screen, if the script is good 😊. Can you only imagine ? The 3⃣ Khans of Bollywood sharing the same screen space 😍.

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Original Photo Credit-IANS