Amber 🌹 Never Loved Kanye ❗

  |   Hollywood

Amber Rose 🌹 and Kanye West currently hate 😤 each other and are in a total war 👊 zone. They had an ugly war of words on a social media platform recently and if that was not enough Amber Rose 🌹 has gone out, pulled out the big guns 🔫 and probably smashed 💥 Kanye's ego. Amber Rose recently appeared on a podcast 📹 and she opened up about the true loves ❤️ of her life and guess what, turns out there is only 1⃣ and that is Wiz Khalifa. She said real love ❤️ was only with her husband and here is where it gets ugly 😶. Amber commented on her past relationships and said, "Eh, I didn't love those fools" 😳. Kanye and Amber were in a relationship for 2⃣ years before they called in quits 💔 in 2010.

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Original Photo Credit- Twitter/@DaRealAmberRose & Wikipedia/rodrigoferrari