GoT 'Lunatic' Scene Clipped ✂️

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British actor John Standing who appears in 📺 "Game of Thrones" as the corpse 💀 of Jon Arryn, recently revealed that he originally filmed a "lunatic" death scene for the show. In GoT Standing can be seen in the very 1⃣st episode, laid out with painted pebbles on his eyes 👀. The actor revealed to a Spanish fan-site that the scene which was cut ✂️ was where Arryn dramatically dies at the hands of Queen 👑 Cersei. In that scene he had to get out of bed and crawl across the room, put up his hand and take a bottle of ink 🛢as if he was going to write 📝 something with it, then the bottle would come crashing down and there would be ink all over him and the queen 👑 would come in, stamp his hand and then he would die 💀.

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Original Photo Credit: Game of Thrones Official