Poll Results : Is Earth🌎 Actually Flat⁉📹 https://goo.gl/UIlqkU

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Well, this was fun😜! I guess most of us trust DeGrasse😎, but a surprising amount of us don't care! Quite unexpected. Tut tut, so much apathy in the world🌎. As for the few of you who say 'yes', don't worry, no one will find out🔎 who you are. Nevertheless, the Illuminati's💡 clandestine operations will continue to rule the world🌍.😈
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The result for the poll is: 🎯 Is Earth🌎 Actually Flat⁉📹 https://goo.gl/UIlqkU

(Result in percent)

4⃣3⃣: NO❗ Are you mad? It’s a hoax! The Earth is a bloomin’ spheroid🌐!

1⃣2⃣: YES❗We’ve been lied to before; we can surely be lied to en masse once again. People are stupid👥 in general and don’t question reality enough.

1⃣3⃣: Maybe😐… I’m not sure, they make a good argument; this is all terribly confusing😓.

3⃣1⃣: Don’t care😑. Flat or spheroid, I really couldn’t care less.