Poll Results : Martyr's🇮🇳Day: Is a moment of silence necessary❓

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Here are the results for the Martyr's🇮🇳Day poll. Only a quarter of our viewers think that Martyr's🇮🇳 Day should be implemented, but another quarter haven't got a clue😕 about it. Nevertheless, aside from creating more awareness📡, majority of the voters believe we need another plan. After all, 2 minutes doesn't do their good souls justice.
The result for the poll is:

🎯 Martyr's🇮🇳Day: Is a moment of silence necessary❓

(Result in percent)

2⃣5⃣: I'm supportive of 2 minutes to recognize those that have died to make 🇮🇳 India great

⬜5⃣: I'm supportive, but it's just not feasible for me to stop🚫 what I'm doing at 11am for 2 minutes

4⃣3⃣: We should find a different way to honour India's 🇮🇳 great martyrs

2⃣7⃣: What is Martyr's Day❓