Priyanka: Don't Need a Man, Want a Man ❗

  |   Priyanka Chopra / Bollywood

Priyanka Chopra is bold 👊 and she is not one to shy away from being outspoken and talking 📢 about what is on her mind. Recently PeeCee said that she wants a man 👱 to just have children 👶 and that she would not be able to tolerate infidelity. Her remarks on relationships 👫 have been not been taken well by some people 😶. Priyanka decided to have a Q & A session with her fans, one of her fans asked Priyanka a question related to her opinion on relationships and Priyanka got a little defensive 🙈. The beauty said 🔊, "Wow what is all this man hating what I said being converted into. Please guys give a little credit. You shouldn't need a man. You should want a man." We wonder what the question could have been ❓ The fan seems to have deleted it 😒.

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Original Photo Credit-IANS