Ransomware💰 Reveals Browser History😮

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A new malware😈 is out on the web which is an especially harmful strain of Android ransomware💰 (a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money💵 is paid) which threatens to reveal your browsing history😏. The ‘Lockdroid ransomware’ (through an app called Porn O’ Mania) overlays popups⚠ in order to trick people into allowing the malicious code🔢 to gain admin privileges on targeted devices. It works on devices running Android before Lollipop🍭 5.0, which means an estimated 2/3 of Android users are at risk. Once installed, it posts a fake message from the US🇺🇸 Dept of Justice which says that the phone is locked for visiting sites containing unsavoury content, but can be unlocked after paying a ‘fine.’😕 Lockdroid also downloads a victim’s browser history & contacts list📞 before threatening to expose them to their contacts😮.

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Original Photo Credit: Flickr/Lee Davy