SRK Ducks Intolerance Question ❗

  |   Shahrukh Khan / Bollywood

Shah Rukh Khan has had his share of controversy 💥 with respect to the Intolerance debate 😶 and the actor has conscientiously chosen not ❌ to even remotely venture near that subject again ✌️. Recently SRK was asked about his opinions on 'Intolerance' in the country and the superstar ⭐ wisely decided to duck the question by saying that the event he was at was not the right platform to speak about such matters 👍. He was further probed and asked if celebrities should be conscious about their views on national matters, King 👑 Khan said 🔊, "I have understood 1⃣ thing that one must talk about things keeping the platform in mind. I feel, this is not the right platform to talk about intolerance. We will meet and talk about it on some other platform where people are discussing 📢 on intolerance." Shah Rukh Khan has 2⃣ big films coming up this year 🎥 "Fan" and 🎥"Raees"

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Original Photo Credit- IANS