☀ Sunny's Positive Image Makeover 👍

  |   Bollywood / Sunnyleone

Sunny ☀ Leone was always looked at for her past 😶 before people looked 👀 at who she really is 🙈. This beauty has been having it so much better 👌 with the Bollywood industry lately. This image makeover 🔄 has been in the process for a while now but it got propelled 🚀 during Sunny's interview 📢 with Bhupendra Chaubey which garnered the actress unbelievable support ✌️from the Industry including actors like Anushka Sharma, Alia Bhatt, Aamir Khan and Vidya Balan among others 🙌. Sunny has found a new respect 👍 for her in the industry and when she was asked about it Sunny said 🔊, "I think people had never heard someone talk freely and honestly, which made a big difference in how they saw me. The way I see it, if I change 1⃣ person's view about who they think I am, then that's all I want, one person at a time." 👌

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Original Photo Credit-IANS