TICKs Are the New BRICs 😅 ⁉

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The quartet of Brazil, Russia, 🇮🇳 & China were once expected to lead the charge👊 of the emerging markets led economic growth📈 when it was conceived in 2001 by Goldman-Sachs chief economist Jim O'Neill. But after the deep recessions😨 Brazil and Russia have fallen into, emerging market fund managers👔 have now found a replacement in the TICK quartet - Taiwan, India, China & (South)👍. "BRIC is not the engine of emerging market growth it was. There is a new order of things,” says🔈 Steven Holden, founder of Copley Fund Research💵. Most experts believe high level technology🔧 is rampant in TICK now, which is the new driving force🚀 of the emerging markets.

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Original Image Credit: Wikipedia/"India (orthographic projection)" by Ssolbergj (talk) - Own work