Mario❗️Smile😊 When You Score⚽

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AC Milan head coach Sinisa Mihajlovic👔 would like to witness some change🔄 in the attitude of Mario Balotelli😠 so that fans can see he cares😊. The Italian marked his 1⃣st start after his injury with a goal⚽ in Tuesday's 1⃣-0⃣ win over Alessandria and once again failed to celebrate😠. However, Mihajlovic👔 believes the player cares about the cause of the team, but would like to see him change🔄 that attitude. "I told Balotelli😠 to celebrate when he scores a goal⚽, but it is just not in his nature. He might seem as if he doesn't care, but that is not the case," the Milan boss insisted👍🏻. He was concerned that others might think he looks angry😠 and that won't be helpful😔.

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Original Photo Credit: Twitter/@acmilan